Jaque10: hi

Joeya89: Ayee!

Jaque10: Who wants to play EGG?

Joeya89: ME

Jaque10: Free signs and pie

Dana_idk: sure why not

Jaque10: that's almost a rat

Jaque10: oops wc

Joeya89: LOL

Joeya89: brb

Jaque10: wb

Joeya89: Danks

Dana_idk: wb joey :)

Joeya89: Ayee all :D

Joeya89: Hmm Breach seems like an enchantment focused on pvp

Joeya89: Since most mobs dont wear armors lool

Jaque10: But in mobarena they do

Jaque10: And in trial chambers also

Joeya89: I feel that their armor dont really protect them at all

Dana_idk: who wants to do a trail chamber, I have yet to do one

Jaque10: In mobarena it makes a huge difference

Jaque10: And I am afk for real now, I get more hungry every minute xD bye

Joeya89: Hmmm

Joeya89: cya!

Joeya89: wb

Dana_idk: wb :)

Fulvia_burns: hey :D

ani_kitsune: how can i get to the last build event?=

Joeya89: No idea :cry:

Joeya89: wb

ani_kitsune: wb

ani_kitsune: someone egg?

Fulvia_burns: smn EGG?

Joeya89: Am in trials atm :cry:

ani_kitsune: you can do /back to get back

Joeya89: True

ani_kitsune: if dont tp to anywhere else

Joeya89: wb

Joeya89: that's a lot looool

Joeya89: wccccccccccccc