Connect to FTB

Black0ut1 edited this page on 2020-06-08

Our FTB server is currently running the Infinity Evolved Reloaded modpack. Follow these instructions in order to access the server.

Server information

Before joining the server, you will need to be whitelisted.  Post a request in the ftb-whitelist Discord channel and a staff member will handle the rest.  Secondly, you will need to install the modpack. The easiest way to install is through a launcher. Links to several launchers have been provided below.

Launcher setup

Via MultiMC:


If you experience trouble connecting to the server, such as timing out, try to delete all of your Curse Launcher files from your disk and start with a fresh installation with the launcher from the download site.

If your game client freezes often during gameplay or does not start up at all, try increasing the RAM Maximum in your launcher options.  It is also important to remember that modded Minecraft is much more resource-intensive than the vanilla game, and requires more powerful hardware to run.