Resource World

Black0ut1 edited this page on 2020-04-14

The resource world on the Cavetale server exists so people have a place to harvest materials from without having to worry about ruining the landscape or taking away valuable resources. This world is reset with a brand new seed every week, so there is a constant supply of new resources. In this world, it is not possible to set homes or make claims. The resource world comes with a nether, so building a nether portal will bring you to a nether world which is also regenerated on a regular basis.


There is a portal at spawn that will bring you to a random location in the resource world. If you want to pick where to go, use the command.

Custom Dungeons

During your time mining in the resource world, you may encounter Custom Dungeons.  These are player-build structures that contain blocks and items superior to those found in vanilla dungeons.  While custom dungeons may be randomly stumbled upon while adventuring underground, a surefire way to locate one is to right-click with a compass in hand.  Using the compass requires you are sufficiently deep underground.


Since this world has a special utility, other than the building worlds, a couple of restrictions apply.