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Spleef is a Player-versus-Player based minigame. The goal of Spleef is to be the last remaining player that is standing on the platform. Players may use their shovel or pickaxe to dig up the platform and attempt to make other players fall through, or take a more defensive approach and avoid conflict.



The game of Spleef has several phases, which are listed here. Each player has three lives, so once the phases run through, they will repeat until all but one player is out of lives.

Waiting for Players

At the beginning of each game, there is a wait phase. Use this time to ready up via /ready, or to invite your friends to join your game.

Grace Period

Once all players are ready, the game will begin. For the first three seconds of the game, there will be a grace period in which players will not be able to break the platform. Use this time to distance yourself from other players, or to strategically place yourself near an unsuspecting victim.


Once the grace period ends, block breaking will become enabled, and a three minute battle phase will commence. This is your chance to eliminate your opponents.

The last minute of this phase is sudden death, in which blocks will begin to fall from under your feet. Additionally, you will earn one TNT block for every 100 blocks you break during this phase.


A player will win the game if, and only if they are the last one atop the platform. If the last two players fall off at the exact same time, the game will end in a draw.