Getting Started

Playing on Cavetale is easy, all you need is Mojang’s Minecraft Java Edition launcher with a registered account. If you don’t own it yet, you can purchase your copy over at

Launch Minecraft

We always attempt to stay on the latest stable release, which the Launcher presents you by default. During brief periods right after a new release, we may require you to downgrade to the previous version, which is a straight-forward process in the launcher.

Join Us

Once you got the game ready connect to our server:

You will find yourself at our server spawn. The first thing to do is to type /rules, read the rules, and click the [Accept] button. You have to open the chat box in order to do so. We do this to make sure everyone is aware of the rules, and to protect ourselves from bot accounts.

Starter Kit

Right now your inventory is empty, save for a useful item called the Magic Map. To get some basic Minecraft tools, as well as a starting capital of our server currency, Coins, type /kit to find your available kits. You can click any of the green ones and it will be unlocked for you.

Find a Home

Once you’re done exploring the spawn, it’s time to find a place to build. All the commands you want to use right now are summarized if you type /menu.

Right now, you will be at the spawn, which is protected from hostile mobs and building, except for the small farming area. You want to get to our Build World where you can claim your own area and get exploring, advancing, building and farming.

/wild: Find a place to build in the Build World. You will be teleported to a random spot, ready to be claimed. If you’re happy with it, move on to the next step. If not, you can repeat this step as many times as you wish.

Claim your Land

A claim is an area within the Build World which is your own. Nobody else may build there unless you add them to the claim. Nobody else may claim an area you have claimed. You can warp to any of your claims at any time.

/claim: You will use this command a lot as it gives you access to all the claim features. For now, you want to use /claim new. This gives you one free beginner claim which is 128 by 128 blocks large. It can be expanded in exchange for Coins.

/sethome: This allows you to remember a location to get back to later, via /home. You can set one default home, and as many named homes as you want. You can also invite friends to any of your homes, or make it public. The /homes command lists all your available features.

Mining World

Of course, you are welcome to mine in and around your claim. However we have a special world for mining purposes which refreshes about once a week, and has additional ores, caves, dungeons, and treasure for you to find.

Get into the Mining World via /mine. You will be presented with a list of available biomes in chat. Pick one, or just click Random, and you will be teleported there.

In this world, you can mine as much as you like. There are no claims or homes. Get back any by going to /spawn, or using a /home, or find your claim in /claim list and warp there.

Make sure not to build anything in this mining world because it will go away when it resets. It also has a nether attached which you can reach via the command, and an end which has to be unlocked via strongholds. These worlds reset along with the mining overworld once a week.

Earn Coins

The quickest way to make Coins, which you can spend on larger claims, market stalls, or trade with your fellow players, is by earning Skill Points. Mine and defeat enemies to earn points, and unlock new abilities and bonuses with /talent.

Rank Up

All of the above is explained in great detail in the beginner tutorial. We prepared this series of initiation quests for you so you can get to know the server at your own pace, and tier up upon completion. This will also take you to further tiers.

Moving Forward

There are many more features on the Cavetale server which are not covered here. You can auction your items, level up your skills, build in a Creative world, join a regular event, earn new titles, and much more. The best way to learn about this is to explore the Spawn world and our website, especially the wiki. Also make sure to join the official Cavetale Discord (/discord) for regular updates!

You can always ask the people on the server, especially the ones with a Trusted, Mod, or Admin title, as they belong to our staff and know best what is going on. You can easily recognize them by their golden name when you type /list.

Events are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes they last for a whole week. They are announced on Discord, Instagram, and of course in-game.