The Bazaar Build

This past week, many of us came together for to build the bazaar. This is a vibrant marketplace in the middle of the desert. We surrounded it with walls which separate it into several districts. Pathways were laid down connecting all the shops.

Street view perspective of the entire build.

This was our build event, a once regular tradition which we decided to revive. After the resounding success of this build, it is safe to say we will have this type of event on a regular basis once again. The result is something to behold and displays the various build styles that the Cavetale community has to offer.

The center of the bazaar.

The people involved in this event were, in no particular order: Koontzykinz, SpicyMojito, ImLithuanian, StarTux, WubbDubb, ZuzuZzZz, CyrusFyre, killergames1, King8ight, KarateGirl77777, SealFart, Pixlesquid, KalistaAnanke, JohnnyOo, Black0ut1, Or1on8, IM_Kami, IM_Shae, TheRedMakerMan, Toy_2, anniconda, KrissyXD, pieinyoureye. You should all be proud of this build and will be rewarded with a small token in-game. If anyone missed this event, worry not, there will be plenty more chances to participate in various themes in the future.

The gate separating north and south.

The idea for this build came from the Minecraft subreddit, where they have a bi-weekly build challenge. This one was simply themed “Market.” We decided to spice it up and add our own theme on top of it, and make it a desert market, also known as a bazaar.

Pictures from the event will be used for us to participate in this challenge. You can view the album following this link. We would like to thank everybody who participated and hope to see you all in the next event.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

We hope you all had a fun and happy Valentine’s Day yesterday. In continuation with our long-standing tradition of Valentine’s events, a new adventure has been constructed across the build world!

In this scavenger hunt, seven giant hearts are hidden throughout the world in seven giant dungeons, with a title awaiting at the end for those who find them all. If you think you’re up for the challenge, head to spawn and read the lectern for your first clue.

Happy hunting!

Upgrade to 1.15.2

All servers have been updated to the latest version, 1.15.2! You can choose the latest version in your launcher to connect with cavetale.

This update brings some improvements, especially to bees:

  • Any birch or oak sapling grown near a flower within 2 blocks distance on the same y-level has a 5% chance of having a bee nest
  • Bee Nests now have a 2% chance of spawning in Flower Forests
  • Bee Nests now have a 0.2% chance of spawning in Forest, Wooded Hills, Birch Forest, Tall Birch Forest, Birch Forest Hills, and Tall Birch Hills biomes.
All our servers have been updated and a new mining world is currently being generated.

Happy New Year

We hope that you all had a nice 2019. For 2020, we would like to enhance the server with cool new features and get those player numbers up again.

Because voting seems to bee pretty effective, we are giving the top voter of each month a permanent title and a temporary exclusive command to launch a firework show at spawn whenever and how often they want, via /vote firework.

Because admins have an inherent advantage when it comes to votes and some other new features, they will be skipped for this particular prize. So this January, the Vote King goes to Drodle, who was shortly behind Black0ut1 and me in top monthly votes. For this month, you will have access to the aforementioned command, and your name appears in gold in the leaderboards, and you get to keep the title.
So congratulations Drodle, and thanks to everybody for their plentiful votes! They have shown to bring new players to the server.

The Christmas Raid will continue to be available for at least another week, while we prepare for Skills Mk2, so stay tuned!

The Bee Update

Buzz bzzz bzzt buzz bzzz. Buzz bzz bzzzz buzz bzzz. bwwzzz zzzz bzzz. bzzz bwwzzzz. Buzz buzzzzz buzzzzzzz, bzzzz bzzz buzzz. Bzzz bzzz. Buzz buzz buzz. Bwwzzzzz wwwzzzz. Buzz bzzz bzzt buzz bzzz. Buzz bzz bzzzz buzz bzzz. bwwzzz zzzz bzzz. bzzz bwwzzzz. Buzz buzzzzz buzzzzzzz, bzzzz bzzz buzzz. Bzzz bzzz. Buzz buzz buzz. Bwwzzzzz wwwzzzz. Buzz bzzz bzzt buzz bzzz. Buzz bzz bzzzz buzz bzzz. bwwzzz zzzz bzzz. bzzz bwwzzzz. Buzz buzzzzz buzzzzzzz, bzzzz bzzz buzzz. Bzzz bzzz. Buzz buzz buzz. Bwwzzzzz wwwzzzz.

  • Minecraft 1.15
  • Bees
  • Beehives / Bee Nests
  • New Mining Worlds with bees and bee nests.

Advent Guardians

Remember the secret Halloween realm from last year? It’s back! Well two of their bosses are back, plus a new one, and they have set out to use their newly found abilities and hordes of monsters to stop Christmas from coming to Cavetale!

Enter this Raid through the portal near spawn, bring your best gear and your strongest friends, slay all the monsters in there and defeat the three bosses so we can have a Minecraft Christmas miracle!

People who beat this Raid will win a brand new title, 1,000 Coins, as well as all the Epic Drops from the Bosses!!!

This will be around until Christmas is happening. Raid map made by papamaci.

Halloween Raids

Each year on Halloween, ghosts, ghouls, and other ghastly figures arise to wander in search of fun and mischief. Luckily for us, most tend to return to their resting places before things get too far out of hand. However, despite Halloween having already come to a close, some devious stragglers remain. In the lands of Cavetale, somewhere between our world and theirs, mysterious and dangerous beings lurk in obscurity as they plot their evil deeds.

Portals at spawn will allow you to take on these daunting creatures and their waves of minions over the course of the next week. Will you defeat them in time, or become the next permanent resident of their strange world?

Completion of the event maps will grant you with special rewards, including a brand new title. For more details, see our relevant Discord posts.

Maypole 2019

Spring has sprung once again, even on Cavetale. Therefore, it is time that we erect a brand new Maypole right at spawn, and you can be a part of it! For the following week, you can collect items all around our survival worlds. Complete your collection to add your player head to the pole at spawn. Every 4 heads it will grow by a block. Let’s make this one even higher than last year’s! We have time from May 1 to May 7.


Get started by clicking the base of the pole right at the Spawn. It will give you the Maypole book with detailed instructions. The goal of this game is to collect each of the 16 items are required to complete the collection. You can see your progress by clicking the pole again or simply looking at your MagicMap. Each item has a specific type of location where it can be found. Make sure to read the Maypole book carefully so you don’t miss any hints.


Everyone who helps with the pole by adding their head to the collection will receive the Maypole title. Plus, every completion of the collection will give you a small selection of goodies, as well as one point towards the highscore (type /hi). Unlike your head on the pole, the goodies and highscore can be repeated, so continuous collecting is worth it, although it will get harder and harder. Once the event is over, the top 10 will receive another special goodie bag. The top 3 will get an additional statue right around the Maypole.


We hope to see you on the server and of course your player head on the pole, where it will stay, right at the server spawn.

Easter Event 2019

The Easter Event 2019 is starting now! This time, we are doing an Easter egg hunt around the spawn world. The event will go on from Easter Sunday throughout the next week and will end on next Sunday, the 28th. All around spawn, the Easter eggs will be hidden by the Easter Bunny. Who else. Eggs are shared, so once a person finds them, it goes away, exploding into many little sheep, bunnies, and fireworks. We are starting with 10 eggs. Once all eggs have been found or an hour passes, all remaining eggs (if any) will go poof. Then, 10 more will spawn, plus one per previously discovered egg. So, if you guys manage to find every single egg, the next round will have 20 eggs, then 30, and so on. If a round goes over without any eggs discovered, we go back to 10, of course.

Each person to find an egg will be gifted a cool item in the game, and of course there’s also a score kept. Everybody who makes it in the top 10, will receive a snazzy title once the event is over. You can join any time and hunt for eggs. We hope to see you there!

Microsoft Winthier

Update: This was an April Fool’s joke, yet the server actually existed for a brief time. However, due to lack of interest, it has since been discontinued.

We are happy to announce that after months of negotiations, the Cavetale server will join forces with Microsoft to bring you even a Minecraft experience which is in tune with the most recent developments. As you know, Microsoft makes Minecraft and ours is one of the first to join their new network of independent servers.

Along with this, we proudly present the newly opened Windows 10 Edition server. We are no longer limited to Mojang’s Java Edition, but also offer Microsoft’s official version of the game. You can use your PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and even iPhone and Android, to connect with this Cavetale server and stay in touch with the rest of us. Instructions are as follows.

  • Launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition (aka Windows 10).
  • Click Play, then Servers, then Add Server.
  • Fill in the form:
    • Name: Cavetale (or whatever you like)
    • Address:
    • Port: 19132 (the default)
  • Click Save and this Cavetale server will appear below the sponsored servers…
  • Join and start playing.

And that is it. Chat is connected with the usual channels, and there are a few additional commands to help you get started. As you log in with your Xbox Live Account, you have to type /rules and read and accept the rules before you can rank up again. We hope to see you on the new server soon!