Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

We hope you all had a fun and happy Valentine’s Day yesterday. In continuation with our long-standing tradition of Valentine’s events, a new adventure has been constructed across the build world!

In this scavenger hunt, seven giant hearts are hidden throughout the world in seven giant dungeons, with a title awaiting at the end for those who find them all. If you think you’re up for the challenge, head to spawn and read the lectern for your first clue.

Happy hunting!

Halloween Raids

Each year on Halloween, ghosts, ghouls, and other ghastly figures arise to wander in search of fun and mischief. Luckily for us, most tend to return to their resting places before things get too far out of hand. However, despite Halloween having already come to a close, some devious stragglers remain. In the lands of Cavetale, somewhere between our world and theirs, mysterious and dangerous beings lurk in obscurity as they plot their evil deeds.

Portals at spawn will allow you to take on these daunting creatures and their waves of minions over the course of the next week. Will you defeat them in time, or become the next permanent resident of their strange world?

Completion of the event maps will grant you with special rewards, including a brand new title. For more details, see our relevant Discord posts.