Adventure on Cavetale

Today we added several features to enhance your adventuring experience, and give Cavetale some of the RPG-like content its name implies. Below is an overview of the additions, which may become more numerous if there is interest in expanding this new mechanic.

Kitty Coins

Kitty Coins have returned to Cavetale, and are more valuable than ever before. Located in Custom Dungeons, these new reward items can be used to trade with special villagers in order to purchase items found nowhere else.


Landmarks are large structures located around the build world. Currently we have two, which you may recognize as some of our past build events, the Bazaar and the Witch Lair. Within these Landmarks are two new villagers: one that sells Scraps, and one that can turn your Scraps and Kitty Coins into exclusive items. You may have to look around a bit to find them.

As you might expect, these Landmarks are located in the desert and swamp, respectively. They are marked by green flags on the Live Map.

Since this is all brand new, villager prices and Kitty Coin spawn rates may be subject to change. Let us know how you feel about these additions in the #feedback channel on Discord.

Happy adventuring!

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