Maypole 2020

It’s the time of the year again! The Maypole event is in full swing. This kind of event has become somewhat of a tradition on the Cavetale server. It’s a scavenger hunt all around the world, both the Home and Mining worlds. In various biomes, from different kinds of sources, it is everybody’s task to complete a collection of 16 unique items. Together we make the pole at spawn grow, because once your set is full, your head will be added to the Maypole. For every 4 heads, the pole will grow by one block.

Cacti in a desert cave system with ravine

This event had been going since last Sunday, and the pole is already eight blocks tall! That’s taller than last year’s where we only used three of the sides, whereas this year we use all four. Already, this community is breaking all the records, and the week is still going. You will be able to participate in this collect-a-thon until next Sunday, when it is definitely May and the pole has to be complete.

This year is particularly special because it features our customized caves in the mining world. It’s the Cavetale Cave Update! We’re currently testing these and are hoping for your feedback. Each group of biomes comes with its own decorated caves, including desert, swamp, mushroom, mesa, and many more. Check them out, as some of them might help you with your collection!

Huge mushrooms in a mushroom island cave

To get started, talk to the librarian at spawn, next to the Maypole. He will give you a book which contains all the instructions required. Understanding its hints is key to obtaining all the items. Also make sure to check your Magic Map, where your collection will be displayed graphically. Following is an excerpt from the book.

Spring has sprung, my friends, and this month, it is finally time to celebrate the obligatory May Festival. Aside from music, dancing, and free beer, by far the most important tradition thereof is the construction of the Maypole. For this task however, we require the cooperation of every able-bodied man, woman, and child, in the world of Cavetale.

The following is a list of the required ingredients for its construction. Some are mere decoration, others yield hidden powers known only to our top alchemists. Gather one of each and return them to the Maypole Steward. You can easily track your progress on your Magic Map. Keep in mind that all materials must be gathered in the Home or Mining worlds and have to be natural.

Lucid Lily

Most commonly associated with witches who grow them in the ponds around their huts. Nobody knows what draws them to this flower, but I bet it’s the olfactory appeal, however… repulsive you and I may perceive it.

Its potential for an effective deodorant must be enormous. However, we only care about its visual appeal, which is just perfect for the Maypole! This fragile blossom of should bloom around this time of year in moist climates.

If someone were to inspect some seagrass in the swamplands, they would find a specimen in no time, guaranteed!

Pine Cone

This funny looking cone falls of the fir tree to carry its seed far away. Eventually they get caught in the undergrowth. Some people love to dry them and build small figurines with them. You may see where this is going.

Only where to find a dried specimen at this time of the year is the question. You should get lucky if you shake or break some of those sweet berry bushes.

Orange Onion

There are not many things in the world that can bring me to tears. Cut onions surely are one of them, and the orange kind is no exception. What makes this one so special is that it grows the magnificent orange tulip.

So one of those is bound to yield the onion, right?

Misty Morel

Large crowds comb through the mycel every year to find this delicacy. They are usually easy to find in mushroom biomes. However, there is one caveat: The one we are looking grows on brown mushroom cows.

It looks just like any other brown mooshroom you will find, but trust me. Once you shear it and sink your teeth into one of these, you will be spoiled forever! We promise to save as many as possible for the Maypole.

They say that this time of the year these cows hide deep down in the caves under swamps. I suggest that you shear them while they are caught in a slime block.

Red Rose

It is a common misconception that they removed the red rose from the game in favor of the common poppy. Needless to say that one cannot have a rose bush without roses.

Plowing through enough of them should allow you to come up with a red rose in a matter of minutes.

Frost Flower

Oh boy, finally we are getting to the good stuff. The frost flower is incredibly tricky to cultivate in your garden as it requires devilishly low temperatures to blossom.

Even the slightest warm breeze could ruin months of care. However, you only need to take care of the easy part. Find its seeds in the taller grass of any snowy biome, and you’re good to go.

Heat Root

Out of the frying pan, into the fire! This subterranean growth is searing to the touch and should only be harvested while wearing gloves.

The whole plant can usually be seen all over the desert, but now that spring is here, only the roots are still alive.

Tear a couple of dead bushes out of the desert floor, and one is bound to surface. Carrying of burn ointment is strongly advised.

Cactus Blossom

If it seems at this point that we are sending you out just to get your hands burned and prickled, you are mistaken. Having said that, be careful when you break those cacti.

In order to find a blossom that’s intact, you will have to check out more than one. I hope I don’t need to remind you that pulling cactus spines out of your finger is way more painful than getting them in there.

Pipe Weed

Oh, the blissful nights I spent in front of a hot chimney, thanks to Old Toby! I promise you that I will not smoke most of it. It’s important for the Maypole festivities. It grows between the huge jungle trees.

Just keep your eye out for a fern looking plant. Hurry up, please, as my personal stash is almost empty…

King’s Pumpkin

There is a special kind of distinguished pumpkin, identifiable by it’s crown-shaped leaves on top, hence the name. You will have to inspect a couple of pumpkins to find one. So make sure not to walk past a pumpkin patch if you come across one.

Spark Seed

Out of the frying pan, into the… I made that joke already, didn’t I? Anyway, this seed is equally hot, if not moreso than the Heat Root (see above). Getting your hands dirty (or burned) is something you may not be able to avoid, this time around…

So this seed. It only survives at the hottest places on earth, in direct sunlight. The most surefire way to find them (no pun intended) is to find a pool of surface lava.

Load some of it into a bucket and inspect it, carefully. You will know it when you see one. Try not to burn your eyebrows. Trust me, it takes forever to grow them back, not to mention the relentless ridicule from co-workers…

Oasis Water

Time for a break! Well actually, traveling to the desert could be argued to be a little less than pleasant… Anyway, the Oasis Water can only be found there, in natural water sources on the surface!

We need that water to keep the more delicate exhibits moist, and it doesn’t stay fresh for very long. so someone will have to go and fetch some.


Susie sells seashells by the seashore. These clams are the remains of shellfish and once they’re abandoned, they sink to the ground. There, the only place protected from various colorful predators are coral reefs.

Hammer on those for a bit and you will strike gold! Keep in mind that they have to be alive.

Frozen Amber

You may have heard that mosquitoes sometimes get frozen in Amber, to be conserved for millions of years. We are taking you one step further, by finding amber that’s trapped in the blue perma-frost of an iceberg.

There’s simply no better way to conserve prehistoric organic matter. Try mining some blue ice until you find one of these gems.

Clump of moss

Moss loves dark and moist spaces, so the woods are bound to be lousy with them. Try to scrape some off of mossy cobblestone. A handful should be enough for now.

Fire Amanita

Out of the frying pa-… never mind. So this fiery fungus grows in the depths of the Nether. This is by far the most dangerous place we are sending you to, so do be careful. The Fire Amanita is the favorite food of the common zombie pigman.

Nobody knows how they locate them, it’s their trade secret. Some say they can smell it from 128 blocks distance while others claim they grow on them. It is conceivable that this is merely a figure of speech, however.

I’m afraid they’re not going to be part with it willingly, so if they refuse your gold, I see only one other option. The mighty Maypole is certainly worth this selfless sacrifice!

The Council of May
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