Maypole 2019

Spring has sprung once again, even on Cavetale. Therefore, it is time that we erect a brand new Maypole right at spawn, and you can be a part of it! For the following week, you can collect items all around our survival worlds. Complete your collection to add your player head to the pole at spawn. Every 4 heads it will grow by a block. Let’s make this one even higher than last year’s! We have time from May 1 to May 7.


Get started by clicking the base of the pole right at the Spawn. It will give you the Maypole book with detailed instructions. The goal of this game is to collect each of the 16 items are required to complete the collection. You can see your progress by clicking the pole again or simply looking at your MagicMap. Each item has a specific type of location where it can be found. Make sure to read the Maypole book carefully so you don’t miss any hints.


Everyone who helps with the pole by adding their head to the collection will receive the Maypole title. Plus, every completion of the collection will give you a small selection of goodies, as well as one point towards the highscore (type /hi). Unlike your head on the pole, the goodies and highscore can be repeated, so continuous collecting is worth it, although it will get harder and harder. Once the event is over, the top 10 will receive another special goodie bag. The top 3 will get an additional statue right around the Maypole.


We hope to see you on the server and of course your player head on the pole, where it will stay, right at the server spawn.

Easter Event 2019

The Easter Event 2019 is starting now! This time, we are doing an Easter egg hunt around the spawn world. The event will go on from Easter Sunday throughout the next week and will end on next Sunday, the 28th. All around spawn, the Easter eggs will be hidden by the Easter Bunny. Who else. Eggs are shared, so once a person finds them, it goes away, exploding into many little sheep, bunnies, and fireworks. We are starting with 10 eggs. Once all eggs have been found or an hour passes, all remaining eggs (if any) will go poof. Then, 10 more will spawn, plus one per previously discovered egg. So, if you guys manage to find every single egg, the next round will have 20 eggs, then 30, and so on. If a round goes over without any eggs discovered, we go back to 10, of course.

Each person to find an egg will be gifted a cool item in the game, and of course there’s also a score kept. Everybody who makes it in the top 10, will receive a snazzy title once the event is over. You can join any time and hunt for eggs. We hope to see you there!

Microsoft Winthier

We are happy to announce that after months of negotiations, the Cavetale server will join forces with Microsoft to bring you even a Minecraft experience which is in tune with the most recent developments. As you know, Microsoft makes Minecraft and ours is one of the first to join their new network of independent servers.

Along with this, we proudly present the newly opened Windows 10 Edition server. We are no longer limited to Mojang’s Java Edition, but also offer Microsoft’s official version of the game. You can use your PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and even iPhone and Android, to connect with this Cavetale server and stay in touch with the rest of us. Instructions are as follows.

  • Launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition (aka Windows 10).
  • Click Play, then Servers, then Add Server.
  • Fill in the form:
    • Name: Cavetale (or whatever you like)
    • Address:
    • Port: 19132 (the default)
  • Click Save and this Cavetale server will appear below the sponsored servers…
  • Join and start playing.

And that is it. Chat is connected with the usual channels, and there are a few additional commands to help you get started. As you log in with your Xbox Live Account, you have to type /rules and read and accept the rules before you can rank up again. We hope to see you on the new server soon!

Halloween Recap

The Halloween season is over and after a few days to breathe, it is time to recap the weeklong event.

This was one of the more involved events I have had the pleasure of preparing for you guys, and so it was of great importance to me. Which is why I would like to thank everybody who posted their helpful feedback on Discord. I know there were more than a few issues from the beginning which we can mark down as a learning experience. After some tweaking, everything seemed to run smoothly, everybody had a great time, myself included, and I can already guarantee that we will have a similar event again.

First Part – Mask Collecting

Masks were to be collected in dungeons all around the Mining World. The mask collector would take one of each kind off your hands in exchange for a single payment of 500 Coins. Aside from this welcome cash injection, it also provided the first grand prize of this event, which 20 people managed to acquire. It is the brand new MaskCollector title. Here is a list of the happy winners:

_Spiritus Waterstar HappySapling ImLithuanian Smombie333 StarTux MenoMano papamaci Dinolore PhoebeBang Drodle Black0ut1 PHIONIXFOX Zenacalelith Tsaryu Edvard Awsome4905 PineappleStix brenpeter RypoFalem earned the MaskCollector title.

Second Part – Boss Fights

Mask Collector

This is where my excitement comes in. The additional Halloween dimension with the three bosses was kept a secret from the start. Only papamaci, who prepared it for you guys, and I knew about its existence from the start. Eventually it was _Spiritus who discovered it first: The portal to this secret world.

Each of the bosses came with a riddle found on signs around the world. The first boss, Lord Skellington, could only be hurt by weapons enchanted with Smite. An otherwise rarely used enchantment suddenly became desirable. The second, Deep Fear, had an impenetrable shield which could only be lifted for 5 seconds by a thrown trident. A brand new item type became even more interesting. The final boss, Pumpkin King, cursed everyone who approached him with the deadly Wither effect, and only full armor enchanted with the Curse of Binding or Curse of Vanishing would shield against the spell. Inventories and shops were scoured for a usually undesirable enchant.

You guys figured out the riddles very quickly and managed to kill all three bosses less than a day within the launch of the events, which is an impressive accomplishment. The reward for the third boss was the even more exclusive Spoopy title, and 17 people total were able to claim it:

RypoFalem MenoMano ImLithuanian papamaci Smombie333 HappySapling Njord Dinolore StarTux Tsaryu PhoebeBang Black0ut1 Drodle Zenacalelith PineappleStix Edvard brenpeter earned the Spoopy title.

What is now left are trunks full with Halloween candy which will continue to deliver their unpredictable potion effects when eaten, the rare items from each of the bosses, and of course the aforementioned titles. We hope that we will see you all again in future events, big or small.

The Mask Collector

Mask Collector

The second part of the Mask Collection event just started. You will find a new guy at spawn. He is… shady. However, he will buy one copy of each mask off you for 500 Coins each. There are a few changes to mask collecting:

  • There are now 19 masks total.
  • Only one mask can be found per dungeon.
  • A new mask will spawn in any dungeon which has not been raided yet, no matter if you showed your previous one around at spawn.
  • You are most likely to find one which you have not yet shown to the Halloween freaks at spawn, or not as many.

Completing the Collector’s collection will yield the brand new MaskCollector title, and he will reveal his dark secret to you. What could it be? This event will go on all week, or until someone finds out the Collector’s secret.

Mask Collection for Halloween

The holiday is right at our doorstep, so let’s kick off the Cavetale Halloween Event! At spawn, you will find skeleton suit people who tell you about magical loot in dungeons. They are of course talking about our custom dungeons in the Mining World. Go there, collect Halloween masks, impress or scare the skeleton suits at spawn, and collect candy. It’s trick or treat time on Cavetale.

You get to the Mining World with the usual command, /mining. You can use a compass to locate nearby dungeons. Just right click your compass and follow its lead, but be careful! Those magnetic devices have been known to be unreliable and like to point along the cardinal axes, so make sure to refresh your compass after a certain travel distance. It will also refuse to work if you’re at a higher level than the dungeon which is on its radar.

Once you find a dungeon, you will find Halloween Candy in its chests, as well as the rare masks. Grab the mask, put it on, scare the Halloween freaks at spawn, and go find the next one. You have to show your mask to at least one person at spawn and earn their candy reward before another one drops.

There is a set of masks available, and they will be bound to your character. It’s a good idea to hold on to them as they may come in handy for a later stage of the event or for a new event altogether. Have fun collecting masks!

Cavetale Snapshot Server

Snapshot 18w43a

Mojang is entering a new snapshot phase, and we are offering you a snazzy temporary server to check out their new features. This is the snapshot 18w43a for the upcoming release of Minecraft 1.14. The new features include the bamboo block, as well as the fitting bamboo jungle biome, populated with the brand new panda mob! Mojang also promised some new decorative blocks such as flowers, and items such as dyes. Banners were updated with novel patterns. Aside from all this fruity creative stuff, as if that wasn’t exciting enough already, they implemented some features with rather scary properties. Hordes of Pillagers and Illager Beasts will attack villages.

So you can be sure that there is lots to discover for everybody. Join us now on the temporary snapshot server via the following address. Keep in mind that it may restart, shut down, or reset, any time. This server is just a temporary snapshot, after all.

For further information about this snapshot, please refer to Mojang’s official announcement, or the corresponding unofficial Reddit thread.

King of the Ladder

Tomorrow at the usual event time will be this season’s premiere of the King of the Ladder event. Originally slated for this past Saturday, it was cancelled for technical reasons. However tomorrow, we are going all the way, and this time around, there are a few extras.

As always, the goal of the game is to climb the ladder while stopping your opponents from doing just that. PvP is enabled, so you are going to punch your friends off the ladder, knocking them to certain doom. At the top looms the goal block which you have to break. Staying on top long enough to succeed without getting pushed off again can be tricky, so be prepared to fall and scream. A lot.

Breaking the block ends the round and crowns you the winner, but beware! Each win also bumps you up one victory level. A greater level yields better prizes, but also greater difficulty. The higher the level is, the more resistance will the goal block offer to your repeated punches. Therefore, with greatness comes great challenge. And of course envy.

As usual, items of any kind are not allowed during the event, neither worn nor held in any of your hands. Doing so will reset your progress to the bottom of the ladder. Performance enhancing potions of any kind are also right out and will be checked with regular unannounced drug tests.

We hope to see you all at the ladder, this Saturday, at 22:00 CEST. See the sidebar for more timezone information.

The End Fight

The End Fight event is happening tonight, about 4 hours from the time of writing. Like last time, we all will fight waves of mobs in the End, topped off by the Ender Dragon. Before the start, the Main End world (not Mining world) which was previously locked will become available through an End portal at spawn. The portal is not there to stay, but we will give you a way to build one eventually.

The whole event takes place on the main island of the End. Mobs spawn in waves, and have to be killed before the next wave starts. The final wave is just one enemy: The Ender Dragon. Make sure to bring good gear to stand a chance against the onslaught.

Just for this event, we have arranged for some special conditions: Your gear items will not take any damage. No matter how often you get damaged or hit a mob, your weapon or gear items will not deplete. As a reward for this event, your gear will get enchanted based on the number of kills you’ve got. Everyone who stays the whole way through the death of the dragon will also receive the Mending enchantment on all their worn armor and held weapon.

So we hope to see you right there. Today, 22:00 central European summer time.

New Season Coming Up

Cavetale Season 1 (which is Winthier season 4) will open this Saturday, September 22, at 22:22 CEST. This means a whole new survival world, along with many extra features which we have been working hard on, and will continue to do. More information will follow shortly.