Summer Park

Summer Park This Sunday, we are launching Cavetale’s next big build event: Summer Park. During this sunny time of year, folks seek outside adventure and thrills. Summer Park’s map brings all of it to one place with five distinct, themed […]

Easter Egg Hunt 2024

The Easter Egg Hunt is officially open! Find your Easter Baskets around spawn and collect the eggs therein. Trade your eggs for awesome goodies and rewards. How to play As soon as you log in and find your self at […]

Valentine Gifting Event

It’s Valentine Season on Cavetale! In order to celebrate the occasion, we are bringing back the gift giving event. The more fun gifts you share with your fellow players, the more rewards you earn. Here is how it works: Each […]

City Contest

Do you like the Cavetale Build events? Then you’ll like this too! We’re building a modern city with skyscrapers, high-rise buildings and everything that goes with it. Are you ready to join us? Because a lot of fun and great […]


Our Skyblock server is now open! Skyblock is a game where you start on a tiny floating island with limited resources and try to bend the rules of Minecraft in order to make a home. Commands /skyblock Join the Skyblock […]

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is now available. Open yours via /advent. You can open one door each day, which will present you a little challenge in order to get your daily present. Come back every day and be surprised. To open […]

Festival of Hades

The Cavetale Halloween Event 2023 is now open! We all built it together, and now we’re launching the festivities. The villagers of the Festival of Hades are waiting for you to test your skill. Stop by every house and collect […]

Galactic Vistas

Hello, players of Cavetale. I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that our help with the Verdant Village has been fruitful. The villagers have reached an age of space exploration in record time! They’ve found a new planetary system and […]

Maypole 2023

The Maypole Event 2023 starts today, on May 1. For two weeks we can collect rare ingredients in the mining world and build a Maypole together at spawn. Play Click the Maypole base at /spawn. You can find it in […]

The Pharaoh’s Tomb

The Ancient Egypt themed build event is now live and going on all week. There is a beautiful desert landscape prepared just for you. Let’s fill it with some Egyptian monuments, temples, sculptures, and of course pyramids! Rules No griefing! […]