Cavetale Snapshot Server

Snapshot 18w43a

Mojang is entering a new snapshot phase, and we are offering you a snazzy temporary server to check out their new features. This is the snapshot 18w43a for the upcoming release of Minecraft 1.14. The new features include the bamboo block, as well as the fitting bamboo jungle biome, populated with the brand new panda mob! Mojang also promised some new decorative blocks such as flowers, and items such as dyes. Banners were updated with novel patterns. Aside from all this fruity creative stuff, as if that wasn’t exciting enough already, they implemented some features with rather scary properties. Hordes of Pillagers and Illager Beasts will attack villages.

So you can be sure that there is lots to discover for everybody. Join us now on the temporary snapshot server via the following address. Keep in mind that it may restart, shut down, or reset, any time. This server is just a temporary snapshot, after all.

For further information about this snapshot, please refer to Mojang’s official announcement, or the corresponding unofficial Reddit thread.

King of the Ladder

Tomorrow at the usual event time will be this season’s premiere of the King of the Ladder event. Originally slated for this past Saturday, it was cancelled for technical reasons. However tomorrow, we are going all the way, and this time around, there are a few extras.

As always, the goal of the game is to climb the ladder while stopping your opponents from doing just that. PvP is enabled, so you are going to punch your friends off the ladder, knocking them to certain doom. At the top looms the goal block which you have to break. Staying on top long enough to succeed without getting pushed off again can be tricky, so be prepared to fall and scream. A lot.

Breaking the block ends the round and crowns you the winner, but beware! Each win also bumps you up one victory level. A greater level yields better prizes, but also greater difficulty. The higher the level is, the more resistance will the goal block offer to your repeated punches. Therefore, with greatness comes great challenge. And of course envy.

As usual, items of any kind are not allowed during the event, neither worn nor held in any of your hands. Doing so will reset your progress to the bottom of the ladder. Performance enhancing potions of any kind are also right out and will be checked with regular unannounced drug tests.

We hope to see you all at the ladder, this Saturday, at 22:00 CEST. See the sidebar for more timezone information.

The End Fight

The End Fight event is happening tonight, about 4 hours from the time of writing. Like last time, we all will fight waves of mobs in the End, topped off by the Ender Dragon. Before the start, the Main End world (not Mining world) which was previously locked will become available through an End portal at spawn. The portal is not there to stay, but we will give you a way to build one eventually.

The whole event takes place on the main island of the End. Mobs spawn in waves, and have to be killed before the next wave starts. The final wave is just one enemy: The Ender Dragon. Make sure to bring good gear to stand a chance against the onslaught.

Just for this event, we have arranged for some special conditions: Your gear items will not take any damage. No matter how often you get damaged or hit a mob, your weapon or gear items will not deplete. As a reward for this event, your gear will get enchanted based on the number of kills you’ve got. Everyone who stays the whole way through the death of the dragon will also receive the Mending enchantment on all their worn armor and held weapon.

So we hope to see you right there. Today, 22:00 central European summer time.

New Season Coming Up

Cavetale Season 1 (which is Winthier season 4) will open this Saturday, September 22, at 22:22 CEST. This means a whole new survival world, along with many extra features which we have been working hard on, and will continue to do. More information will follow shortly.

The Update Aquatic is here! Sort of.

The Update Aquatic is here, and while we are preparing for the new season of Winthier or Cavetale, we got something for you to play on and pass the time until that comes about. Connect your 1.13 client with

and play with others on this temporary server. Keep in mind that the world will not carry over, so don’t get overly attached to your builds. Server rules still apply, but please be aware that we cannot necessarily enforce them all, especially the ones regarding griefing. This is a vanilla server without plugins for homes, claims, or rollbacks.

We set up a small spawn area for you, along with a pressure plate which can warp you to a random location in the wilderness. Have fun and bear with us while we all look forward to playing the Update Aquatic on the real deal. 🙂

Brand New Website!

We are finally moving away from our Enjin hosted website in order to embrace a self-hosted solution powered by WordPress. The old website will stay up, eventually reachable via, for posterity. In the meantime, we will be working hard to bring you an even better interactive experience.