Help us build a Maypole! Open up the Book of May to find out how to collect your 16 items in order to add your head to the pole at spawn. Watch it grow as more and more players contribute […]

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt starts tomorrow! Every day you can find more eggs in the world we all decorated together in the Easter Build Event. Enter the world through the portal at spawn once it appears. Every player gets their […]

Unfinished Business

Return of the Halloween Spirits The Midnight Estates are due to close. Their inhabitants are growing restless: Access to their realm has stayed open longer than usual. Overnight, the mystical barrier to the mansion atop the hill was lifted. Suddenly, […]

First Celestial 2022!

The first Celestial vote of 2022 is through: For the first time ever, not only staff but also our builder group was invited to vote on their favorite build so far. This time there was unanimous support for the High […]

Advent Calendar 2021

The Advent Calendar is now live! You can walk through the portal at /spawn to enter this realm which we all built together. The villagers are slowly returning to the Winter Woods. A new group is arriving every day. However, […]

Halloween Labyrinth

(made by ccris20) Get yourself lost in the depths of the 2021 Halloween Labyrinth! For the month October, while we are all waiting for the Midnight Estates to open its gates, everyone is invited to try and make their way […]

Cavetale Grand Prix

Tonight we’re doing something new: The Cavetale Grand Prix! This series will take us racing on horseback, boats, piggy back, striders, and a secret new type of racing game! There will be 10 race courses total. Each race gives you […]

Midnight Estates

This Sunday we are launching the next big build event: Midnight Estates. This is our preparation for October, the month of Halloween. We’re inviting all of you to build a spooky neighborhood with us to go trick-or-treating in when the […]