Valentine Gifting Event

It’s Valentine Season on Cavetale! In order to celebrate the occasion, we are bringing back the gift giving event. The more fun gifts you share with your fellow players, the more rewards you earn. Here is how it works:

  • Each time you share a Daily Gift, you get a point. You can see the daily gift item in /friends.
  • Open /valentine to view your points and open up rewards. Rewards open for every 7 points.
  • Each reward contains a Love Letter.
  • Take your love letters and trade them with the villagers West of Spawn.

So, get started collecting love letters, and get some of the fancy costumes that our villagers have to offer. This event will last for the entire week of Valentine until Sunday.


Start February 10, 2024 (inclusive)
End February 18, 2024 (inclusive)

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