City Contest

Do you like the Cavetale Build events? Then you’ll like this too! We’re building a modern city with skyscrapers, high-rise buildings and everything that goes with it. Are you ready to join us? Because a lot of fun and great rewards are waiting for you! Brought to you by Jaque10 and friends.

The Contest

There are 8 different contests in the city that you can join. Each contest has its own rewards and requirements. From small to large, there is something for everyone. You can find more detailed information about the individual contests in a book that can be found everywhere at the visit.

How to join

If you got an idea what you want to build and how much space you need you can choose from the empty plots. We have to trust you in your subclaim and then you can start already.


MrZiutek is sponsoring the rewards for our contests. There is another book at the visit where you can see how much you can win. There will be an online voting where everyone can participate.


The event begins today, January 21, 2024 and lasts for 2 months. Therefore, it ends on March 21, 2024.

Join via /visit CityContest

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