Easter Egg Hunt 2024

The Easter Egg Hunt is officially open! Find your Easter Baskets around spawn and collect the eggs therein. Trade your eggs for awesome goodies and rewards.

How to play

As soon as you log in and find your self at your spawn, the Sidebar and Action Bar will start giving you directions. Follow their lead to your personal Easter Basket. Click it to open it and reap the rewards. Nobody else can open your basket, but they may find it. So you have a chance to help each other out.

You get a few instant baskets each day. After a while, they will slow down and only reappear after a few minutes. Come back each day to pick up your instant baskets, or stick with it to collect more than anyone else.

Each basket drops an Easter Egg. These colorful items come in a variety of patterns. Bring them to the Eggschange to the east of spawn to trade them in for Easter Tokens. Head over to the Token Trader to get to the real prizes. The selection includes the rare Easter Bunny Suit, the Magic Cape, Kitty Coins, and two exclusive titles.


The event lasts for two weeks, with Easter Sunday right in the middle.

  • Start Monday, March 25
  • End Monday, April 8
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