Rosewood is Celestial!

ani_kitsune and _Arnold_1 have joined the distinguished group of Celestial builders on Cavetale, a title only given to those who create truly remarkable creations which are set apart from the rest. We encourage all of you to visit Rosewood for yourself and explore the town’s cozy streets, the castle’s grand halls, and the countless intricate details across the area.

Ani stands at /visit Rosewood and welcomes new visitors…

In /visit Rosewood, a town so fair,
Founded in twenty twenty-three with care.
ani dreamt, the idea took form,
Arnold joined in, destiny’s norm.

In Rosewood’s realm, where echoes linger,
Medieval charm in every stone and timber.
Rosewood, crafted with love so true,
Where players found homes, and adventures grew.

Each cobbled street,
each roof made out of wheat
each stone-laid wall,
Welcomes all
who heed the call.

Secrets woven in its ancient lore,
A city with mysteries to explore.
Yet, Rosewood’s tale is far from done,
More grand projects await the sun.

Safe travels until our paths entwine,
ani and Arnold, in Rosewood they shine.
Dream architects in a medieval rhyme,

Where enchantment gleams for a magical time.

Thank you for taking the time to read our poem. Enjoy exploring our village.
ani_kitsune, _Arnold_1

Check the city out for yourself at /visit Rosewood, and congratulations to Ani and Arnold for becoming the first players rewarded with Celestial this season!
Happy Spring!

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