Summer Park

Summer Park

This Sunday, we are launching Cavetale’s next big build event: Summer Park. During this sunny time of year, folks seek outside adventure and thrills. Summer Park’s map brings all of it to one place with five distinct, themed amusement areas.

Aquatic Area

There are a variety of plots available for your builds. Main Street welcomes guests with buildings and shops, while the western, jungle, cartoon, aquatic and space areas are teeming with rides and attractions. There are even large areas designated for group builds or roller coasters. Redstone will be enabled for the event, so building functional attractions is possible if you’re up for the challenge.

Cartoon Area

We hope you’ll join us in making Summer Park the best destination for the season. Happy building!


Special thanks to ccris20, killergames1, _Actaea, and GlassPaladin for setting this up!

Dragon Area


  • Claim one plot per person. Teams can share a single plot.
  • Do not edit, add to, or alter another person’s build without their permission.
  • Please speak with staff before claiming a second plot.
  • Keep your build themed to the designated areas.
Jungle Area

Areas are:

  • Western
  • Jungle
  • Space
  • Cartoon
  • Aquatic
Space Area


  • Large or coaster plots are marked red. Groups are encouraged here!
  • Please connect your rides or attractions to the main pathways.
  • Redstone can be used to make rides or attractions functional.
  • Use the ticket system if there’s an issue; it gives staff the coordinates.
  • Signatures can be put on the east side of the map.
Western Area
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