Festival of Hades

:king_pumpkin: The Cavetale Halloween Event 2023 is now open! We all built it together, and now we’re launching the festivities.

The villagers of the Festival of Hades are waiting for you to test your skill. Stop by every house and collect candy by mastering their games. Completing each game once gives you a Fancy Halloween Token which is an item a limited quantity: You can only get 29 from the event. Repeating the same game gives you additional candy, which can be traded for regular tokens at the event spawn.

:king_pumpkin: You can enter by entering the Portal at Spawn or via /warp halloween. :king_pumpkin: Once there, use your Magic Map to locate the different events. The icons on your map will tell you which games you have yet to complete and whether they have a reward waiting for you.


:king_pumpkin: The villagers near the event spawn will trade your candy, tokens and fancy tokens for a variety of new items. Some are brand new, some are rare, all of them are awesome.

  • The Dr Acula Item Set consisting of 7 items with magical properties.
  • The Mob and Block Costumes which give you various fancy abilities when you wear a full set.
  • Rare musical instruments which are not otherwise obtainable on Cavetale.

:king_pumpkin: Completing all games will also qualify you for the event kit. Check the villager near the event spawn (on the stairs) to see your progress.

  • Where/warp halloween
  • Launch Saturday, October 21, 2023 2:42 AM
  • End December
  • Fancy Halloween Tokens 29
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