Advent Calendar 2021

The Advent Calendar is now live! You can walk through the portal at /spawn to enter this realm which we all built together.

The villagers are slowly returning to the Winter Woods. A new group is arriving every day. However, they’re not quite content yet: They need your help to fill the place with music and help with with their other problems. Check your Magic Map to find the ones that have quests for you. In this world, you have a Secret Santa Inventory which will help you make everybody in this place happy. Quest holders are marked with a red cross.

As a reward, you collect keys which you can use to unlock doors on your Advent Calendar. Each day, another door can be unlocked. Given that today is already the 6th, you can catch up on 6 doors right off the bat! One more door will unlock each day. Key holders are marked with a white cross.

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