Advent Calendar

The Cavetale Advent Calendar 2020 is now live! From now until Christmas, secret presents will spawn all over the world, one per day. Everybody may open them to find the prize inside.

Here is how it works:

  • Each day at midnight server time, one present spawns. It will stay until the end of the event.
  • Everyone can find the present and open it, it’s the same for everybody. Feel free to share locations in #christmas-spoilers on Discord.
  • Presents have to be opened in order. This means that the present that spawns this Wednesday can only be opened after the one from Tuesday, although both will be available by then.
  • Each present comes with a hint which will show in your sidebar or if you type the /xmas command.
  • There will be 25 presents total.
  • They may spawn anywhere in the world. Could be at spawn, or in the home world. Could be in the wilderness or right inside your claim. Try to solve the hint to find it. And feel free to share the location.
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