The Fairground Build Event

Halloween was a packed event this year. Not only because most of us have to stay home due to the pandemic, but we also prepared a whole month worth of events, and many of you took the opportunity to be involved from beginning to end.

Before the month even began we all came together to prepare a big build which would be used during the weeks to come, a whole fairground filled with exciting content. You guys built rollercoasters, ghost trains, arenas, carnival rides, and more.

We would later use it for Hide and Seek, King of the Ladder, King of the Ring, and much more. We’re sure that this fairground will see a lot of use in events to come, so if you participated, you surely made your mark on the server. The same will be true for events of the future, which are already being prepared.

For this event we would like to thank all our builders, in alphabetical order: Alanstro Andrenidae anniconda Black0ut1 Cazzy323 Drodle Dupp GlassPaladin Hendriks KalimFang karlcraft06 Kittenchild KR_Shae MenoMano NickPickety NotAnOvoid PineappleStix rawri16 sodamnfake StarTux ubermctastic ZuzuZzZz.

You have already received a kit with a unique goodie bag (/kit). Furthermore, we finally made a timelapse of the build event and uploaded it to Youtube. Please enjoy, and feel free to like, comment and subscribe. There will be more to come.

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