Mask Collecting

It’s that time of the year again where you start a mask collection in order to spook out the masked kids around spawn.

Find spooky masks in the dungeons of the Mining World! Get there via /mine or the portal at spawn, and locate dungeons with your compass. Right click it and you will know more. Each new dungeon you find will have a mask in one of its chests!

Impress the masked kids around spawn! In the buildings of our /spawn, there are now kids who are already dressed up in preparation for Halloween. You can show each of them each mask you find, and they will give you some halloween candy which when eaten, grants special potion effects!

Collect them all! You can also hand in each mask at the collector which is right at the /spawn. Interacting with him will show you a menu in chat were you can click a mask to give to him. Once your collection is complete, you will be in the special awesome club. What that means will be revealed in the week leading up to Halloween, so stay tuned!

Good luck and have fun!

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