Cavetale Snapshot Server

Snapshot 18w43a

Mojang is entering a new snapshot phase, and we are offering you a snazzy temporary server to check out their new features. This is the snapshot 18w43a for the upcoming release of Minecraft 1.14. The new features include the bamboo block, as well as the fitting bamboo jungle biome, populated with the brand new panda mob! Mojang also promised some new decorative blocks such as flowers, and items such as dyes. Banners were updated with novel patterns. Aside from all this fruity creative stuff, as if that wasn’t exciting enough already, they implemented some features with rather scary properties. Hordes of Pillagers and Illager Beasts will attack villages.

So you can be sure that there is lots to discover for everybody. Join us now on the temporary snapshot server via the following address. Keep in mind that it may restart, shut down, or reset, any time. This server is just a temporary snapshot, after all.

For further information about this snapshot, please refer to Mojang’s official announcement, or the corresponding unofficial Reddit thread.

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