Mask Collection for Halloween

The holiday is right at our doorstep, so let’s kick off the Cavetale Halloween Event! At spawn, you will find skeleton suit people who tell you about magical loot in dungeons. They are of course talking about our custom dungeons in the Mining World. Go there, collect Halloween masks, impress or scare the skeleton suits at spawn, and collect candy. It’s trick or treat time on Cavetale.

You get to the Mining World with the usual command, /mining. You can use a compass to locate nearby dungeons. Just right click your compass and follow its lead, but be careful! Those magnetic devices have been known to be unreliable and like to point along the cardinal axes, so make sure to refresh your compass after a certain travel distance. It will also refuse to work if you’re at a higher level than the dungeon which is on its radar.

Once you find a dungeon, you will find Halloween Candy in its chests, as well as the rare masks. Grab the mask, put it on, scare the Halloween freaks at spawn, and go find the next one. You have to show your mask to at least one person at spawn and earn their candy reward before another one drops.

There is a set of masks available, and they will be bound to your character. It’s a good idea to hold on to them as they may come in handy for a later stage of the event or for a new event altogether. Have fun collecting masks!

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