Easter Egg Hunt 2021

The Cavetale Easter Egg Hunt 2021 has begun! Your sidebar will tell you if you have an egg available right now. Walk through the portal at spawn and use the hint in your sidebar to locate your egg.

The Easter Bunny hides the eggs for each player, so it’s not possible that someone else steals your egg. They can be anywhere in the colorful Easter world. This world looks rather peaceful, but beware! Angry bees and bunnies will occasionally attack you, giving you levitation in order to stop you from finding all your eggs.

Each day, starting now until Easter Monday (April 5), you can get find 10 eggs instantly in that world. After that, they will spawn more slowly, 10 minutes apart, until the next day. If you miss a day, you can catch it up later! So by Easter Sunday, you will have 70 eggs to find, so try to keep up.

Eggs can either be kept for decoration, or traded for Easter Tokens at spawn. The tokens are accepted as a currency to unlock rare event prizes.

Special thanks to killergames1, ContagiousDuck, and the rest of the team for preparing the event world!

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