Galactic Vistas

Hello, players of Cavetale. I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that our help with the Verdant Village has been fruitful. The villagers have reached an age of space exploration in record time! They’ve found a new planetary system and would like to build an alien civilization there. This new planet is teeming with all sorts of unique life and places to build. Additionally, the villagers have become particularly fascinated with the sun and the summer solstice that we celebrate back on Earth and have expressed interest in us helping them set up places to play games for a summer festival along with their new civilization!

There are some dedicated plots laid out for specific games. Ask staff before you claim them.


  • Pick a reasonable area and make a complete build
  • You may start a second build once your first is complete
  • Respect other players’ builds and don’t change them
  • No beacons, lava, or similarly ugly blocks
  • No redstone contraptions
  • No building outside of the map
  • Limit entities such as item frames, painting, or armor stands to a minimum as they slow down nearby players’ games
  • Limit particle emitters such as campfires to a minimum as they slow down nearby players’ games

Special Thanks

  • Lynk_Hero
  • Duck
  • _Spiritus
  • Gnomeulus
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