Maypole 2023

The Maypole Event 2023 starts today, on May 1. For two weeks we can collect rare ingredients in the mining world and build a Maypole together at spawn.


  • Click the Maypole base at /spawn. You can find it in the West.
  • Open your Book of May and read it thoroughly.
  • Go to the /mine world and find the items.
  • Once you have all 16, return to /spawn and hand them in.
  • Repeat


  • First completion, the Maypole kit with many awesome items and the Maypole title
  • Second completion, new title: Blossom
  • Top 10 in /maypole hi, new title: Maybird

To see all Maypole titles and whether you have them, type /title, click Seasonal and Maypole.

Start of event: Monday, May 1, 2023
End of event: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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