Happy New Year

We hope that you all had a nice 2019. For 2020, we would like to enhance the server with cool new features and get those player numbers up again.

Because voting seems to bee pretty effective, we are giving the top voter of each month a permanent title and a temporary exclusive command to launch a firework show at spawn whenever and how often they want, via /vote firework.

Because admins have an inherent advantage when it comes to votes and some other new features, they will be skipped for this particular prize. So this January, the Vote King goes to Drodle, who was shortly behind Black0ut1 and me in top monthly votes. For this month, you will have access to the aforementioned command, and your name appears in gold in the leaderboards, and you get to keep the title.
So congratulations Drodle, and thanks to everybody for their plentiful votes! They have shown to bring new players to the server.

The Christmas Raid will continue to be available for at least another week, while we prepare for Skills Mk2, so stay tuned!

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