Upgrade to 1.15.2

All servers have been updated to the latest version, 1.15.2! You can choose the latest version in your launcher to connect with cavetale.

This update brings some improvements, especially to bees: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-java-edition-1-15-2

  • Any birch or oak sapling grown near a flower within 2 blocks distance on the same y-level has a 5% chance of having a bee nest
  • Bee Nests now have a 2% chance of spawning in Flower Forests
  • Bee Nests now have a 0.2% chance of spawning in Forest, Wooded Hills, Birch Forest, Tall Birch Forest, Birch Forest Hills, and Tall Birch Hills biomes.
All our servers have been updated and a new mining world is currently being generated.
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