Maypole 2019

Spring has sprung once again, even on Cavetale. Therefore, it is time that we erect a brand new Maypole right at spawn, and you can be a part of it! For the following week, you can collect items all around our survival worlds. Complete your collection to add your player head to the pole at spawn. Every 4 heads it will grow by a block. Let’s make this one even higher than last year’s! We have time from May 1 to May 7.


Get started by clicking the base of the pole right at the Spawn. It will give you the Maypole book with detailed instructions. The goal of this game is to collect each of the 16 items are required to complete the collection. You can see your progress by clicking the pole again or simply looking at your MagicMap. Each item has a specific type of location where it can be found. Make sure to read the Maypole book carefully so you don’t miss any hints.


Everyone who helps with the pole by adding their head to the collection will receive the Maypole title. Plus, every completion of the collection will give you a small selection of goodies, as well as one point towards the highscore (type /hi). Unlike your head on the pole, the goodies and highscore can be repeated, so continuous collecting is worth it, although it will get harder and harder. Once the event is over, the top 10 will receive another special goodie bag. The top 3 will get an additional statue right around the Maypole.


We hope to see you on the server and of course your player head on the pole, where it will stay, right at the server spawn.

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