Easter Event 2019

The Easter Event 2019 is starting now! This time, we are doing an Easter egg hunt around the spawn world. The event will go on from Easter Sunday throughout the next week and will end on next Sunday, the 28th. All around spawn, the Easter eggs will be hidden by the Easter Bunny. Who else. Eggs are shared, so once a person finds them, it goes away, exploding into many little sheep, bunnies, and fireworks. We are starting with 10 eggs. Once all eggs have been found or an hour passes, all remaining eggs (if any) will go poof. Then, 10 more will spawn, plus one per previously discovered egg. So, if you guys manage to find every single egg, the next round will have 20 eggs, then 30, and so on. If a round goes over without any eggs discovered, we go back to 10, of course.

Each person to find an egg will be gifted a cool item in the game, and of course there’s also a score kept. Everybody who makes it in the top 10, will receive a snazzy title once the event is over. You can join any time and hunt for eggs. We hope to see you there!

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