Midnight Estates

This Sunday we are launching the next big build event: Midnight Estates. This is our preparation for October, the month of Halloween. We’re inviting all of you to build a spooky neighborhood with us to go trick-or-treating in when the season comes around. In short, we’re building it now and using it in October. Our Builder team has been busy preparing this area and its surroundings, along with plots for you to pick and start building.

The Midnight Estates neighborhood a gated community infamous for its mysterious inhabitants. Parents tell their children not to sneak in there, lest they go missing and turn up days later without any memories. All year, this place is off limits to the public, but in 2021, they will open their doors for their Halloween festivities. Can they be trusted? In past years, it was said that on Halloween night, outsiders saw a mansion appear on the hill, occupied by masked strangers. Will the mansion return this year? Are these magical masks?

When Sunday, September 12, 2021 10:00 PM
Warp/warp build
Duration 7 Days
Prizes Goodie bag and Titles

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