Beach Party

It’s beach season! Today we’re starting the Beach Party Build Event 2021. We will all meet up on a tropical paradise island on the creative server and make this scenic site a reality. Think beach huts, outdoor scenes with fun and games, or whatever else belong here.

The Beach Party kit is now live! Join the main server and type /kit to open yours. I would like to thank all our builders:

7UvU 90Percent AbysmalVoid Adis_030 Airont Aku_Ikra Ambs__ Amiral_Suisse Andrenidae Atox61 BeastlyMerome Black0ut1 ContagiousDuck CosmicOverloard CrazyWolf89 Drodle Dupp Edvard FastKitten123 Fonix_Brimi FurryCritterr GIMP1608 GlassPaladin Hendriks Hurricane_Hamish InvernoDreams JUGG3RNOTR32J JakeBear518 JellybeanLov3r Koontzykinz Lev_Sychev LieF_Minez Livv013 Lord_sheep MothDen MrKroc Myghell Nooomyz NotAnOvoid Notpapersausage OhSophiee Olliebob20 PUP2009PUP PumpkinTix Rat4301 RatInAHatt Rockras67 Roxy_Cat_Gaming Shizuka2002 SleepyDemon878 SleepyHermes Song_of_Shadows SpaceCowboyG59 Sunuza Tekkersmon ToastTierra Zacho1993 Zipplo ZuzuRosette 243 _Spiritus acmeanvil ani_kitsune beefoncomputers brenpeter ccris20 dms06dotte fastrky hyrule_crypt jeditrekker killergames1 mohawk248 navybluefrog opalesque pearlesque pieinyoureye poggerism poggerized rintamaki shionasam vCloudi xXAngryHotdogXx xXPyro_WalkerXx zanderwild

The result of the build event was documented in video form. Find the video on Youtube:

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