Spring Valley Build Timelapse

A few weeks ago, we invited you all to the Spring Valley build. One week of building resulted in an epic area that fits the season. In order to celebrate this and thank you all, we prepared a little timelapse video which replays the building process.

Every participant will also have received a kit on the main server, new title included. The list of builders is as follows.

AbysmulVoid Adis_030 Airont Ambs__ Amiral_Suisse Andrenidae BeastlyMerome Black0ut1 CalculaThrice CherryMaple ContagiousDuck CoolBurger6678 CoolJeff678 CosmicOverloard Daenges Darth_Xar Drodle Dupp EZO1233 Edvard Fonix_Brimi GlassPaladin GreenLiciouss Hendriks ItZaSophiee JellybeanLov3r JohnnyAnanke KungFooMaster4 Livv013 Lord_sheep MadCactusLover NoMoreCornHub NotAnOvoid PootyPeanut RSBRusher Rat4301 ShotOfPoison Spirit_Dancer SuperPow09 TechnologySam TheSmashr7 TixZeeri VillainE29 Wartgrad Zacho1993 ZuzuZzZz Spiritus _christmas_duck acmeanvil allywn andres300 ccris20 dms06dotte meghaura mulepyk pandaboy775 rainylee tealsteatime

Thank you all for building! The area will be used in the following weeks and months to host events on the survival server. It contains several arenas for King of the Ladder, King of the Ring, Extreme Grass Growing, and more. We already hosted two events in there and they were a lot of fun, attracting dozens of players. We hope to see you all at the next build event!

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