Winter’s Hearth Advent Calendar

The Winter’s Heart Advent Calendar Event is starting on December 1. Reach the event site via the portal at spawn. Within this icy town, each day a few home owners will return and ask for your help! Some of them want you to solve their games or puzzles or generally help them out. Others seek an item from your Christmas inventory.

This lasts from December 1 to 25, opening a few houses every day. Find open houses via your Magic Map and make sure to come back the following day. If you miss a day, worry not: You can still access all previously opened houses, but it’s much easier if you take it one day at a time.

Helping out villagers gives you Christmas Tokens. You will be able to exchange these for prizes with the Advent Merchants which will show up on each advent until Christmas.

Once Christmas is over, the event will remain open a little longer to keep the spirit of the season alive and allow everyone to complete their collection if they desire.

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