Winter’s Hearth Build Event

The build event of the cold season is upon us. This build will set the stage for the upcoming Christmas event, and we need your help building it. Killergames1 has set the stage for us to pick a plot and add our build to this freezing wasteland. One central furnace and several smaller furnaces give off heat inside this icy crater for us to huddle around and celebrate Christmas when the time comes. Let’s all get together and put some life back in the deserted landscape to make it even warmer.

🎄Christmas Event We would like to add small games into every build. For this, we ask you to make builds which can house one of our fun games which will be available for this event. Try to pick which game you would like and leave us a sign. Decorate a nice surrounding so the everybody gets to look at your build interior while playing the game.

This season, we have a few games in mind, and there can be more than one of each. Each game needs a place for a villager host that can be interacted with. We had the following games in mind.

  • Music Playing Game. This one doesn’t need special adaptions
  • Chest Game. We need room for a few chests near the villager
  • Unscramble a picture that’s on Photos. There needs to be room for a well lit canvas, 3×3 or 4×4
  • A snowball fight with snowmen. In addition to the version from last year, we want another version where they don’t shoot back so it’s more relaxed.
  • Matching pairs of hidden blocks (like Halloween)
  • Finding matching animal within a pile of pets
  • Shooting Gallery: Try to hit moving targets while standing still
  • Parkour Get to a goal before the time runs out

Overall, we would like the games to be relaxed and focus on light puzzles, not scary or hectic like some of the Halloween games.

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