Halloween Build Event 2022

Let’s set the stage for the upcoming Halloween event of 2022. We all remember the Midnight Estates, so this year we’re taking you even further.

Twin Gourds Island

An unknown ghastly entity has come to haunt this remote island, trying to imitate the love of the Pumpkin Lord for the town’s inhabitants. Its desire is to utilize this magical affection of the ancient Pumpkin to gain command over the island folks. By fashioning a Pumpkin Doppelgänger, it is going to supplant the primordial spirit revered by the locals for ever, and establish its immortal dominion.

There are plots prepared for you which you should adhere to. Going slightly outside of your plot to in order to integrate with the environment is acceptable.

  • Pick one plot and finish it. Once finished, you may consider a second plot.
  • Stick with the spooky Halloween theme and stay within your plot.
  • No trolling, no griefing, no use of Beacon Rays!
  • Avoid laggy stuff such as armor stands, paintings, redstone contraptions, campfires.

The island will serve as fairground for our Halloween event. The houses will be used for various games, so try to imagine which game will fit in your creation. A shooting gallery, or a maze, a race track, or a game of chance perhaps? Try to prepare accordingly.

  • Prepare your build for a possible mini game to be placed inside or on its premises.
  • This place is an islands about to celebrate (or be haunted by) Halloween, so find a suitable mix of styles.
  • When in doubt, please ask staff!

This event will last for a whole week. We hope to see you all there and expect many awesome builds. Happy Halloween in advance!

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