Feature Vote

September 2022 – The Reckoning

Thanks to your amazing support via purchases on our official store (https://store.cavetale.com/), we reached the store goal in August. Thus, there is currently a feature vote. Whichever of these survival features receives most votes will be implemented this month:

  • Recorder: Save your musical compositions for posterity. A recorder picks up on music from note blocks or instruments, and writes them to discs. Discs can be stored, shared, or sold.
  • Furniture: A furniture store will open at spawn, selling a variety of chairs and sofas. Said items can be placed as blocks and allow you to sit. They come in various colors. More items will be added over time.
  • Light: A magical implement will be sold at spawn. It will allow you the placement of invisible light sources in the air or under water. Light up your base without a single lamp or lantern!
  • Angel: A block which you may place in mid-air, without the presence of a block to place against!
  • Fishing: Fishing minigame with lots of fish and bait. Buy the rod and bait at spawn and start fishing. You can catch a variety of fish in different types of waters.
  • Hookshot: Shoot a chain which will attach to certain surfaces and pull you toward them.
  • Claims: Improve claim resizing interface and add subclaim settings.
  • ItemMail: Send items to your friends via mail.
  • Mushrooming: Add big mushrooms, nether trees, mangrove trees, as an upgrade to the Tree Chopper.

Join the server and click the MOTD which tells you about the vote, or just use the command:


This will open a book where each option has its own page. Click the ballot box on any page to vote for it. You can change your mind as often as you like. The current number of votes on each item is displayed. Individual votes are secret.

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