AbysmalVoid is Celestial

Right before the close of the fourth season of Cavetale, we have a new addition to the esteemed Celestial group: AbysmalVoid, for his build named Vault of Erebus.

The Entrance

This construct awaits the visitor at “/visit VaultOfErebus” in the most inconspicuous fashion. A black celestial body with its ring hovers above a marble gazebo. Inside, a golden elevator allows entrance to the actual vault, which is hidden deep under ground. The first vestibule branches off into four small rooms but also allows entrance to the heart of this place: the Grand Hall.

The Grand Hall

This is where the architecture reveals its hidden grandeur and spaciousness, despite having been carved into the stony depths beneath the surface. Everything is white, wide and open, inviting the explorer to take any direction into more chambers and hallways.

Golden Hallway

There are numerous expansive spaces to discover, each with its own personality and purpose. There are living rooms, dining halls, music chambers, all built as if the effort spent excavating the subterranean was of no concern, and held together by a consistent creative direction.

A Gaming Bedroom with Vortex under Glass

On display is also the imaginative use of the toolset provided by Cavetale: Walls of Photos create specific vistas where regular blocks would not suffice. They are used in many creative ways which we could not have foreseen when they were introduced to the server.

The Library

We encourage you all to pay to pay this build a visit. AbysmalVoid spent most of this season building it and is now rewarded with one of the rarest titles we have to offer: Celestial. A well-deserved award. Congratulations!

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