Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt starts tomorrow! Every day you can find more eggs in the world we all decorated together in the Easter Build Event. Enter the world through the portal at spawn once it appears.

The spawn of the Easter world

Every player gets their own personal Easter Baskets, hidden in the Easter world. Follow the hints in the sidebar and on screen to find it. It will drop a colorful Easter Egg for you, and possibly some tiny Easter critters. For every day of the event, you get 7 quickly spawning Easter Baskets. Once you’re past that, they will start appearing more slowly, with several minutes, until another day breaks.

Hunt your Easter eggs!

Once you have enough eggs, you can trade them at spawn for Easter Tokens. With them, you may visit the Easter Token shop to grab some awesome prizes for the event, including the Bunny Suit and various titles.

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