Halloween Recap

The Halloween season is over and after a few days to breathe, it is time to recap the weeklong event.

This was one of the more involved events I have had the pleasure of preparing for you guys, and so it was of great importance to me. Which is why I would like to thank everybody who posted their helpful feedback on Discord. I know there were more than a few issues from the beginning which we can mark down as a learning experience. After some tweaking, everything seemed to run smoothly, everybody had a great time, myself included, and I can already guarantee that we will have a similar event again.

First Part – Mask Collecting

Masks were to be collected in dungeons all around the Mining World. The mask collector would take one of each kind off your hands in exchange for a single payment of 500 Coins. Aside from this welcome cash injection, it also provided the first grand prize of this event, which 20 people managed to acquire. It is the brand new MaskCollector title. Here is a list of the happy winners:

_Spiritus Waterstar HappySapling ImLithuanian Smombie333 StarTux MenoMano papamaci Dinolore PhoebeBang Drodle Black0ut1 PHIONIXFOX Zenacalelith Tsaryu Edvard Awsome4905 PineappleStix brenpeter RypoFalem earned the MaskCollector title.

Second Part – Boss Fights

Mask Collector

This is where my excitement comes in. The additional Halloween dimension with the three bosses was kept a secret from the start. Only papamaci, who prepared it for you guys, and I knew about its existence from the start. Eventually it was _Spiritus who discovered it first: The portal to this secret world.

Each of the bosses came with a riddle found on signs around the world. The first boss, Lord Skellington, could only be hurt by weapons enchanted with Smite. An otherwise rarely used enchantment suddenly became desirable. The second, Deep Fear, had an impenetrable shield which could only be lifted for 5 seconds by a thrown trident. A brand new item type became even more interesting. The final boss, Pumpkin King, cursed everyone who approached him with the deadly Wither effect, and only full armor enchanted with the Curse of Binding or Curse of Vanishing would shield against the spell. Inventories and shops were scoured for a usually undesirable enchant.

You guys figured out the riddles very quickly and managed to kill all three bosses less than a day within the launch of the events, which is an impressive accomplishment. The reward for the third boss was the even more exclusive Spoopy title, and 17 people total were able to claim it:

RypoFalem MenoMano ImLithuanian papamaci Smombie333 HappySapling Njord Dinolore StarTux Tsaryu PhoebeBang Black0ut1 Drodle Zenacalelith PineappleStix Edvard brenpeter earned the Spoopy title.

What is now left are trunks full with Halloween candy which will continue to deliver their unpredictable potion effects when eaten, the rare items from each of the bosses, and of course the aforementioned titles. We hope that we will see you all again in future events, big or small.

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