This month, we once again participated in the Minecraft Subreddit bi-weekly build challenge. The theme they gave us was Skyscrapers. This is perfect for us, because we could set up an area for you guys with plots so that every […]

Advent Calendar

The Cavetale Advent Calendar 2020 is now live! From now until Christmas, secret presents will spawn all over the world, one per day. Everybody may open them to find the prize inside. Here is how it works: Each day at […]

The Fairground Build Event

Halloween was a packed event this year. Not only because most of us have to stay home due to the pandemic, but we also prepared a whole month worth of events, and many of you took the opportunity to be […]

Mask Collecting

It’s that time of the year again where you start a mask collection in order to spook out the masked kids around spawn. Find spooky masks in the dungeons of the Mining World! Get there via /mine or the portal […]

Dwarven Village

Last week, the theme of the event was Dwarven Village. We wanted to provide a new challenge because these builds usually end up above ground, under a clear sky. So it was time to prepare an underground cave system for […]

City Slickers

The City Slickers build event was once again based on the Minecraft subreddit’s bi-weekly build challenge. They wanted modern houses, we did so verbatim, somebody suggested an alternate title, and the rest is history. Modern houses are tricky to build […]

Adventure on Cavetale

Today we added several features to enhance your adventuring experience, and give Cavetale some of the RPG-like content its name implies. Below is an overview of the additions, which may become more numerous if there is interest in expanding this […]

Maypole 2020

It’s the time of the year again! The Maypole event is in full swing. This kind of event has become somewhat of a tradition on the Cavetale server. It’s a scavenger hunt all around the world, both the Home and […]

The Witch Lair Build

We are building regularly now and this time, we went along with the Minecraft subreddit build challenge, where the theme was Witch Lair! As far as guidelines goes, this is a pretty loose one because there are many options to […]

The Shire Build

Last week we asked you all to build with us once again to make The Shire together. We are very happy with the results. The Shire is the place from JRR Tolien’s Middle Earth where the Hobbits live. They moved […]