Maypole 2021

Cavetale needs your help! We would like to build another Maypole, just like in the previous years. However, in order to do so, we need your participation! Every player counts. Look at the two poles from 2019 and 2020 in […]

Spring Valley Build Timelapse

A few weeks ago, we invited you all to the Spring Valley build. One week of building resulted in an epic area that fits the season. In order to celebrate this and thank you all, we prepared a little timelapse […]

Celestial is back!

A few weeks ago, we decided to bring back the Celestial title. This is a title staff awards to the creator of an epic survival build. It has to be survival and of massive scale. So we scouted the server […]

Easter Egg Hunt 2021

The Cavetale Easter Egg Hunt 2021 has begun! Your sidebar will tell you if you have an egg available right now. Walk through the portal at spawn and use the hint in your sidebar to locate your egg. The Easter […]

Spring Valley Build Event

Dust of your outdoors building skills and join us in the Spring Valley build event! We want to transform this scenic area into a world to augment the spawn area with, so we can hang out in there and host […]

Direwolf20 1.16

We are happy to announce our new modpack server: FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.16. This is a kitchen sink style pack, with the mods being picked by Direwolf20. This is a whitelisted server, for more information on how to install the […]


This month, we once again participated in the Minecraft Subreddit bi-weekly build challenge. The theme they gave us was Skyscrapers. This is perfect for us, because we could set up an area for you guys with plots so that every […]

Advent Calendar

The Cavetale Advent Calendar 2020 is now live! From now until Christmas, secret presents will spawn all over the world, one per day. Everybody may open them to find the prize inside. Here is how it works: Each day at […]

The Fairground Build Event

Halloween was a packed event this year. Not only because most of us have to stay home due to the pandemic, but we also prepared a whole month worth of events, and many of you took the opportunity to be […]

Mask Collecting

It’s that time of the year again where you start a mask collection in order to spook out the masked kids around spawn. Find spooky masks in the dungeons of the Mining World! Get there via /mine or the portal […]