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With our auction system, you can have your precious items sold at a live auction to anyone online on the server. An auction goes for a set time after which the highest bidder automatically transfers you the money and receives the item or items.

Auctions tend to be exciting and heated battles for the highest bid, depending of course on the offered item and amount of people on the server.


Getting started

The auction system has a couple of features in store. In order to not get lost, there are some helpful commands.


Bidding on auctions

To win the item which is up for auction, you have to attempt to place the highest bid. When the timer runs out, the highest bidder wins. The highest bid is not necessarily the price that the winner ends up paying, though. Instead, they pay just enough to beat everyone else. The minimum amount that you can bid is 10 coins above the current highest bid. Additionally, you have to overbid by at least 5% of the current winning bid. Bidding itself is free of charge.


Auctioning off items

You can either auction off whatever is in your hand or put items in a virtual chest if you want to sell more than one stack of the exact same item (no different names, enchants or different numbers of uses left). In both cases, you can specify a starting bid if you want to start with anything other than the default of 50 coins. It is not advisory to start with a high bid, though, since starting low raises interest in the item and makes the price raise slowly. Starting an auction costs 50 coins. A starting price higher than 50 coins costs additional 5% of the starting bid.
Your auction may not start immediately if there is already an auction going on. In that case, up to 5 auctions will be queued and start after the previous is finished. There is also a warm-up period of 5 seconds.


Check and control your auction

There are many advanced commands. If your auction is not going as well as expected, you might want to shorten it or end it right away. If you are curious about past and future auctions, you can look up details. So in case you miss the end of an auction, you can still get information about it.


Listen or ignore

You will get information about ongoing auctions printed to your screen automatically. This can be distracting when you are not interested in the particular item that is being sold. Luckily, it is easy to turn the notifications off and on again.