Grand Prix

Black0ut1 edited this page on 2023-08-21

The Grand Prix is a compilation of races that seeks to put Cavetale’s fastest players atop the podium.

Race types

Currently, race maps follow one of two formats: Laps or point-to-point.

Vehicle types

The Grand Prix involves as many races as will fit in the event time, which means switching vehicle types frequently. Each vehicle type involves different controls and strategies, some of which will be covered here. Every race type puts the Return to Checkpoint item in your ninth hotbar slot, which will teleport you back to the most recent checkpoint you passed through in the case you get lost. An arrow will also appear above your hotbar and attempt to guide you in the right direction, or warn you if you are going the wrong way.

Coins speed you up when collected. The number of coins in your possession pops up whenever you collect one, and the coins of the top players are displayed in the sidebar along with their positions.

Items can be collected by passing through power-up boxes, which are represented by end crystals. Possible items include TNT traps, exploding crossbow bolts, health boosts, speed boosts, slowness traps, poison traps, coins, and lightning bolts.