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Cavetale has a central location where players can trade with each other called the Market. While shop creation is possible anywhere in the world, this is the place where people usually go to look for a bargain.


There are a couple of commands to get around and find items on the market. The output of the search command is clickable, so you can be ported automatically if you see an item in the list that you are interested in.



A whole world is dedicated to our market. You can reach it by typing /market or by following the appropriate portal at spawn. The market can be expanded on demand to the North and the South.

The market follows a canal that flows through its center. It is organized into four lanes, 2 of each side of the river, leading away from the market spawn in different directions. Each lane has an upper and a lower level.

Making a shop

Main article: Chest Shops

Once you have acquired adequate wealth and reached Tier 3, you can purchase a plot in the market for 10,000 Coins. To do so, find an empty plot, or use /shop auto to find one which has not yet been claimed. While standing in the plot you selected, type /shop claim. The plot is now yours and you can start building a shop.

There are two ways of making a shop chest to sell items. One uses a sign, the other uses a named chest. You can also make a chest that buys items from people. All these possibilities are detailed in the main article (see above).



Shops that violate the rules may be altered or removed at the staff team’s discretion. Whenever you are in doubt about the interpretation of the rules, feel free to ask a staff member for advice or assistance.