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Titles can be used in the place of your rank. Titles are earned through events or by achieving certain accomplishments, such as accumulating 1,000,000 coins.





Astral | Had the Astral rank on Winthier
Celestial | Have your impressive build voted on by staff
Dragonslayer | Killed the first Ender Dragon on Cavetale
Map Maker | Have your minigame map published
Scrooge | Bank balance of 1,000,000 coins
YouTuber | Host an ongoing YouTube series




Bingo! | Find all 9 items in time

Boat Battles

Pirate | Win a round of Boat Battles
BattleBoats | Win a round of Boat Battles

Build my Thing

BuildMyThing | Win a round of Build my Thing
ThingBuilder | Win multiple rounds of Build my Thing
SpeedBuilder | Win a round of Speed Build
BuildmySpring | Easter Build my Thing

Build Together

DungeonMaster | Custom Dungeons
CountBuildula | Haunted Mansions
CitySlicker | Modern City
Bazaar | Bazaar
Hobbit | The Shire
Recruit | War
Witch | Witch Lair
Forester | Cabin in the Woods
Rainbow | Cloud Village
Pillager | Pillager Camp
DiggyDiggyHole | Dwarven Village
Thriller | October Fairground
north pole | Winter Village
Frosty | Snow Golem Empire
Skyline | Skyscrapers
SpringValley | Spring Valley

Capture the Flag

Bandit | Return the enemy team’s flag to your base


Colorful | Win a round of Colorfall
Technicolor | Win multiple rounds of Colorfall

Dungeon Rush

DungeonCrawler | Discover a hidden dungeon first


EnderballChampion | Win a match of Enderball
Fußball | Score a goal

Extreme Grass Growing

GrassGrower | Win a round of Extreme Grass Growing
EGGspert | Win multiple rounds of Extreme Grass Growing
SnowMan | Win Extreme Snow Plowing
Snowplow | Win Extreme Snow Plowing
FlowerFarmer | Win Extreme Flower Farming
Bee | Win Extreme Flower Farming multiple times
BuzzBee | Win Extreme Flower Farming after unlocking Bee
Bumblebee | Win Extreme Flower Farming after unlocking BuzzBee

Fishing Contest

GoneFishin | Score 100 points

Hide and Seek

Hider | Win a round of Hide and Seek as a hider
Seeker | Win a round of Hide and Seek as a seeker
Snake | Win a round of Hide and Seek
Detective | Discover a hider as a seeker after unlocking Seeker
Sneaky | Win a round of Hide and Seek as a hider after unlocking Hider

King of the End

KingoftheEnd | Beat the horde of mobs

King of the Nether

Strider | Beat the horde of mobs

King of the Ladder

LadderKing | Break the block atop the ladder
Climber | Break the block atop the ladder
VineClimber | Break the block atop the ladder

King of the Ring

Wrestler | Be the last person standing in the ring


Maypole | Complete your collection


FreeRunner | Beat a parkour course
Runner | Beat a parkour course
Parkour | Beat a parkour course


Pixel | Win a round of Pictionary

PvP Arena

HardCore | Be the last one standing in Hardcore mode
Yeti | Win a snowball fight
Chicken Hunter | Win a round of Chicken Hunt
OneInTheQuiver | Win a round of One in the Quiver
Gladiator | Win a round of PvP Arena
Champion | Win a round of PvP Arena


Racer | Win any race
Bacon Racer | Win a pig race
Pig Racer | Win a pig race
CoolRunner | Win an ice boat race
Sailor | Win a boat race
BoatRacer | Win a boat race
Falcon | Win any race

Ring Glider

Glider | Earn the highest ring value


Spleefer | Be the last surviving player

Survival Games

Survivor | Win a round of Survival Games


Vertigo | Win a game of Vertigo
Jumper | Win multiple games of Vertigo
Splash! | Win multiple games of Vertigo


Switchcarts | Win a game of Switchcarts

Treasure Hunt

TreasureHunter | Discover burried treasure

Trivia Night

Nerd | Be one of the top guessers

Woodland Mansion

Windicator | Destroy all 3 hives





Santa’s Helper | Winners of Winthier Saves Christmas
Sandy Claws | Complete the The Nightmare Before Christmas adventure map


EggHunter | Win the egg hunt
Easter Bunny | Win the basket hunt
eggSMASH | Collect a large amount of eggs around spawn


Scarecrow | Fall Festival 2015
PumpkinHunter | Discover a hidden mansion first
MaskCollector | Collect every mask

Valentine’s Day

Cupid | Valentine’s Day 2015, 2017, 2020, and 2021




Quester | Complete 100 quests
PolarBear | Complete 50 daily tasks
PurpleSheep | Complete 100 daily tasks
ElderGuardian | Complete 150 daily tasks
Creeper | Complete 200 daily tasks
EnderDragon | Complete 300 daily tasks




Santa | Defeat The Christmas Raid
AdventGuardian | Defeat Advent Guardians
Spo.opy | Defeat Halloween Horrors (Advent Guardians 2018) or Scary Halloween Show
HalloweenRaider | Defeat A Thin Veil
Spelunker | Defeat Raider’s Mine
Mobslayer | Defeat Mob Arena
Yeti | Defeat Winter’s Edge (kit)
Krampus | Defeat Winter’s Edge
Knight | Defeat the Castle Raid.




VoteKing | Have the most votes in a month

Donor | Donate $10
Backer | Donate $15
Patron | Donate $20
Sponsor | Donate $20

| Purchase the Heart Shine
| Purchase the Star Shine
π | Purchase the Pi Shine
| Purchase the Shamrock Shine
| Purchase the Sky Shine