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Colorfall is a round-based party game, with an objective of hunting down and standing on specific colored blocks.





The objective of Colorfall is to hunt down and stand on a specific colored block, which is specified at the beginning of each round. There are multiple blocks of the same color, so you must look carefully around the map to locate the correct ones.


There are an unlimited number of rounds; the game will only end once all players but one are out of lives. Each round lasts 15 seconds by default, but may be extended if a special item is used. At the end of each round, all blocks except for those of the specified color will disappear, and players in an incorrect location will fall to their doom. They will be able to re-join at the beginning of the next round.

Special Items

Special items have a small chance of being granted at the beginning of each new round, and give their owners useful abilities in order to help them win the game.