Pocket Mob

Black0ut1 edited this page on 2021-05-01

With Pocket Mob, players can capture mobs in Mob Catchers to ease their transport and be released elsewhere.



Purchasing Mob Catchers

Mob Catcher items may be purchased at the pet store at spawn.  The standard Mob Catcher ball may then be upgraded into one of five different specializations to improve relevant catch rates, which are:

Success rates

While some captures are guaranteed (such as with tamed mobs), not every ball thrown has a 100% success rate.  When it comes to capturing hostile mobs for instance, your success rate increases inversely with the monster’s health.  Weakening monsters through combat and/or the use of potions before attempting to capture them is recommended to improve your odds at success.

Another factor to consider is your aim.  More accurate throws will yield better results, so aim as close to your target as possible.  When attempting to catch multiple mobs at once (such as in the case of the Animal Catcher), ensure that your targets are all within the catcher item’s radius.

Lastly, note that not all mobs may be captured.  The use of Pocket Mob to steal the pets of other players or to grief is prohibited.