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WorldEdit is a powerful block editing tool.  On our Creative server, you can use WorldEdit inside your worlds to make your visions a reality.  Simply unlock it in the /world unlock menu for 1000 coins.

Making a selection

Most of the commands listed below operate within a selection. Create a cuboid selection by selecting two opposing corner blocks with the WorldEdit wand item, which is a wooden axe.


This is a brief list of the commands available to you. Use the “//help” command when you need help on the usage of any command.

//help [command] Get help for a command or a list of commands.
//center Set the center block(s)
//chunk Set the selection to your current chunk.
//contract Contract the selection area
//copy Copy the selection to the clipboard
//cut Cut the selection to the clipboard
//cyl Generates a cylinder.
//deform Deforms a selected region with an expression
//drain Drain a pool
//ex Extinguish nearby fire
//expand Expand the selection area
//fill Fill a hole
//fillr Fill a hole recursively
//fixlava Fix lava to be stationary
//fixwater Fix water to be stationary
//flip Flip the contents of the clipboard
//green Greens the area
//hcyl Generates a hollow cylinder
//hollow Hollows out the object contained in this selection
//hpos1 Set position 1 to targeted block
//hpos2 Set position 2 to targeted block
//hpyramid Generate a hollow pyramid
//hsphere Generates a hollow sphere.
//inset Inset the selection area
//move Move the contents of the selection
//naturalize 3 layers of dirt on top then rock below
//outline Build the walls, ceiling, and floor of a selection
//outset Outset the selection area
//overlay Set a block on top of blocks in the region
//paste Paste the clipboard’s contents
//pos1 Set position 1
//pos2 Set position 2
//pyramid Generate a filled pyramid
//redo Redoes the last action (from history)
//removeabove Remove blocks above your head.
//removebelow Remove blocks below you.
//removenear Remove blocks near you.
//replace Replace all blocks in the selection with another
//replacenear Replace nearby blocks
//rotate Rotate the contents of the clipboard
//sel Choose a region selector
//set Set all the blocks inside the selection to a block
//shift Shift the selection area
//smooth Smooth the elevation in the selection
//snow Simulates snow
//sphere Generates a filled sphere.
//stack Repeat the contents of the selection
//thaw Thaws the area
//toggleeditwand Toggle functionality of the edit wand
//undo Undoes the last action
//walls Build the four sides of the selection
//wand Get the wand tool
/ascend Go up a floor
/brush Brush tool
/cycler Block data cycler tool
/deltree Floating tree remover tool
/descend Go down a floor
/farwand Wand at a distance tool
/floodfill Flood fill tool
/forestgen Generate a forest
/info Block information tool
/jumpto Teleport to a location
/lrbuild Long-range building tool
/mask Set the brush mask
/mat Set the brush material
/none Unbind a bound tool from your current item
/range Set the brush range
/repl Block replacer tool
/size Set the brush size
/thru Passthrough walls
/tree Tree generator tool
/unstuck Escape from being stuck inside a block

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