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On Cavetale, sharing daily gifts will earn you friendship points.  With enough friendship points, players have the opportunity to get married.


Building friendship

Daily Gift

Each day at midnight server time, a food item will be selected as the daily gift.  It may be one of the following:

Throwing the daily gift to another player will increase your friendship with them.  Each day that a gift is exchanged between you and another player, your friendship will grow and additional hearts will gradually be unlocked.

Events and Raids

Participating in events (Saturday and Sunday) or defeating a raid together will also increase your friendship.


Upon reaching a friendship level of three hearts with another player, you may send them a friend request with /friend <player>.

Friends come with perks:


Upon reaching five hearts of friendship with another player, you may propose to them.

Head to the church at spawn (on your left after walking down the stairs towards the marketplace) to purchase a Wedding Ring from the merchant.  Both players must have a wedding ring in order to get married.

Right-click on your partner with your ring in hand to propose to them.

Once married, players may use /love to display hearts over their heads.  Couples may also pick each other up by right-clicking them.  Additionally, eating food near one another will nourish both players.

If in the future you and your spouse decide to go separate ways, you may use /divorce to break up.